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August 30, 2017 9:13 pm  #1

Columbia EZ Cues Music Library 400 LPs

I came across some very interesting information today and was just wondering if this maybe of interest to anyone here.  I am the guy that wanted to know about the unreleased Days Of Our Lives cues in the 1970's and early 1980's.  I was informed by the execs that a good amount of the material came from these " EZ Cues Library  from Columbia CBS.  
I started doing some investigating and there was 400 LPS released and many of the composers we are all familiar with, its just that they contributed cues to this " in house " library.
 The following are what I was able to pin down

101 Electronic Effects
102 Ethnic: African; American Indian
103 Drama - Documentaries
104 Drama - Documentaries
105 Comedy Backrounds & Bridges
106* Dramatic - Suspense
107* Dramatic & Anthology Main Titles
108 Ethnic: Spain
109 Western Backgrounds
110* Western Backgrounds
111* Mexican Backgrounds
112 Dance Band
113 Dramatic - Dark Bridges
114* City Backgrounds
115 Comedy - Main Titles & Bridges
116 Dramatic - Dark Backgrounds
117 Western Backgrounds
118* Western Backgrounds
119* Romantic Materials
120 Restaurant Music - Gypsy
121 Comedy - Farce
122* Comedy Backgrounds
123 Fantasy
124 Metropolitan - Chase
125 Fantasy
126 Space - Fantasy
127* Dramatic Bridges
128 Dramatic Punctations
129* Descriptive - Pastoral, Landscapes
130 Descriptive - Panoramics/Descriptive - Seascapes, Panoramics
132 Music Boxes - Public Domain/Celeste Solo - Public Domain
132 Circus, Carnival & Fairground Music - Public Domain/Composers
133 Religious Materials - Public Domain
134 Bugle Calls/Bugle Calls & Military Backgrounds
135 Piano Solos - Public Domain
136 Harpsichord Solos - Public Domain/Piano Solos - Public Domain
137 Banjo Solos - Public Domain/Barrelhouse Piano - Public Domain)
138 Harmonica Solos - Public Domain
139 Western Backgrounds
140* Romantic Materials
141* Romantic Materials
142* American Indian Backgrounds
143 Asiatic, Indian & Chinese Backgrounds/Dalmatian & Slavic Backgrounds
144* City Backgrounds
145* Dramatic Backgrounds (plaintive, melancholy, lonely)
146* Fantasy
147* Western Backgrounds
148* Western Backgrounds
149* Dramatic - Suspense
150* Romantic Materials
151 Space - Fantasy
152 Dramatic - Suspense
153 Comedy - Farce; Pantomines/Comedy - Bridges
154 Fantasy/Fantasy - Space
155* Comedy - Farce
156 Concert Waltzes
157 Light Favorites
158 Popular Classics
159 Popular Favorites/Favorite Classics
160 Marches
161 Stephen Foster Melodies
162 Victor Herbert Melodies
163 Mexicali Brass
164 Mexicali Brass
165 Crime Backgrounds
166 Industrial & Machines
167 Electronic Music
168 Fanfares & Signals
169 Marches
170 Religious Music
171 Jazz
172 Jazz
173* Jazz // Bossa Nova - Cha-Cha/Rhumba
174 Dance - Latin & Twenties/Rock 'n' Roll
175* Rock 'n' Roll
176 [--???--]
177 [--???--]
178 [--???--]
179 [--???--]
180 - Suspense Eerie cues for orchestra, ( Brass, strings, woodwinds, Marimba, Vibes, Piano ) 

I messaged a seller that apparently has 200 of these and if he is selling them I will be buying them.  
I heard that they may have been donated to a large library or UCLA college.

Hoping that we some " in the know " members here that can help me track these down.. I am willing to buy them.

I believe that the gems on these lps could be what so many are looking for..   Unlike Bruton and other albums released these were kept under the thumb,and only used for in house movies, shows, daytime....




August 30, 2017 9:17 pm  #2

Re: Columbia EZ Cues Music Library 400 LPs


Here is a link that shows the Album cover art and the label
hope someone can lead me in the right direction to all 400 of these gems.

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August 31, 2017 1:39 am  #3

Re: Columbia EZ Cues Music Library 400 LPs

I've never seen any past 200, so I think your 400 estimate is wrong. Yes, a large stack of these are in storage at UCLA, and, frankly, that will be your best bet to get to them. Expect potential sellers to overprice these considerably.

Indeed there are many familiar names here, and I believe a lot of cues were simply repurposed from commissioned scores to other films and shows for the company.

I find this label intriguing and have a few rips, but they don't show up for sale often. I thought I had put up a label thread for them, but can't find it. I'll see if I can find my notes and put one up.

Good luck!


August 31, 2017 5:44 am  #4

Re: Columbia EZ Cues Music Library 400 LPs

Didn't we work out that some of these were released in the UK on the Transworld label?  I think some of the Transworld 78s I have contain tracks from this library.


August 31, 2017 7:14 am  #5

Re: Columbia EZ Cues Music Library 400 LPs

Hello, Thanks for your replies.
check out the link.   This is where I got my information from and the number 400.  


I really appreciate your input and am working with a seller right now to get rips of all 200 so maybe the other 200 are reel to reel .. who knows.. I will keep you posted.

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August 31, 2017 10:08 am  #6

Re: Columbia EZ Cues Music Library 400 LPs

Strangely, I can't find my notes. I'll try to re-do them.

Meanwhile, here's some info from an ad:
There were reel-to-reels available as well, as you note. Note also that the vinyls have locked grooves.

I'm very, very curious about the otherwise unheard Bernard Herrmann material in the library, some of which has been made available commercially on The Twilight Zone soundtrack releases.

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August 31, 2017 10:17 am  #7

Re: Columbia EZ Cues Music Library 400 LPs

Here is a copy of the CBS EZ Cue catalogue


August 31, 2017 1:18 pm  #8

Re: Columbia EZ Cues Music Library 400 LPs

Label thread now up.
In case you don't have them already, I have EZQs 105, 109, 114, 115, 121, 124, 125, 144, 155 and 166 available if you'd like to hear them.


August 31, 2017 10:58 pm  #9

Re: Columbia EZ Cues Music Library 400 LPs

yourpaldoug wrote:

Here is a copy of the CBS EZ Cue catalogue

     Thank you for this catalogue!


September 1, 2017 11:36 am  #10

Re: Columbia EZ Cues Music Library 400 LPs

yourpaldoug wrote:

Here is a copy of the CBS EZ Cue catalogue

Excellent! Thanks, doug! 

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