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October 1, 2017 6:10 am  #1

Reno & Stroller tracks on Hingross Suggestions

I was listening through the Leonardi catalogue on Spotify, and noticed that Hingross "Suggestions" LP sounded very familiar. After a while I realized it has some same tracks as DWLP 3259. I realized the whole album sounds like a compilation of tracks from other albums.

Nothing special in library albums, but maybe someone is interested in these particular connections, if this hadn't been noticed yet.

But it's not that cool that those tracks are under Hingross name in Spotify. Probably no library composers are getting any money from Spotify play, but still these great songs are credited to wrong artists.


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October 1, 2017 5:53 pm  #2

Re: Reno & Stroller tracks on Hingross Suggestions

Hahaha - nice catch! I don't think this is something the digitizers paid much mind, but there are a few LPs with dubious origins in the Leonardi catalogue... and elsewhere in the Italian library scene.
Someone here ID-ed Raskovich's "Discorsi" to, in a similar way, be a compilation of tracks from De Wolfe, primarily by Jack Trombey.

I found these:
A1 - My Girl = Wayward Bird (DW/LP 3259)
A2 - New Life = Beachside (DW/LP 3259)
A3 - Cross-Roads = Two Left Feet (DW/LP 3259)
A4 - Off Side = Weazle (DWS/LP 3286)
A5 - Relax Sight = Summer Rain (DWS/LP 3286)
A6 - Los Palos = Cult and Colour (DW/LP 3215)
B1 - From Sonora
B2 - Altair = Way with Women (DWS/LP 3323)
B3 - Sun Road = Man at Bay (DWS/LP 3323)
B4 - The Blow
B5 - Dancer Bear
B6 - Easy Clown

Also, Discorsi:
A1 - Come mi va = So Real (DWS/LP 3323)
A2 - La cupida! = Stetson (DWS/LP 3323)
A3 - Quando mi va = That Certain Look (DWS/LP 3323)
A4 - Vedo nero! = Ayer's Rock (DWS/LP 3323)
A5 - Per favore... = Apres Ski (DWS/LP 3323)
B1 - Faccio io... = Feeling Great (DWS/LP 3323)
B2 - Per dire! = Gold Blend (DWS/LP 3323)
B3 - Poi vi spiego = Sliced Orange (DWS/LP 3323)
B4 - Mentre voi = Funky Pepper (DWS/LP 3323)
B5 - Siete solo = Man at Bay (DWS/LP 3323)
B6 - Limoni verdi! = Laughing Violins (DWS/LP 3286)

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