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February 21, 2017 11:56 pm  #21

Re: KPM and Selected Sound vinyl albums wanted

Update: I don't really need Selected Sound 9087 anymore as the unknown track from Sniz and Fondue I was looking for was on another Selected Sound album. Same with KPM 1105 for Golden Book Video as all the other tracks I requested from the album did not play in one of the titles. However, I do believe some of the tracks I'm looking for might be on Bruton BRO 5 "Medieval Suite/Rustic Folktunes".

All I need so far is ST 145 and ST 157 for identifying cues from "Action League NOW!".

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March 4, 2017 12:12 pm  #22

Re: KPM and Selected Sound vinyl albums wanted

Actually besides the Bruton album BRO 5 "Medieval Suite/Rustic Folktunes" and the Selected Sound Stereo albums 145 and 157, I was hoping you guys could help me identify some tunes by searching through Selected Sound's CD format of library music as most of these albums are not available on APM and EMI's production music website.

For instance, my guess on an unknown piano/strings track from the KaBlam! episode, "Comics For Tomorrow Today!" might be from SEL 5003 - Transpacific Strings (Roland Kovac Rhythm & Strings).

kablamhjmusic.blogspot.com - The first post contains links to the unknown tracks; #3 is the track I'm talking about.

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March 30, 2017 1:22 pm  #23

Re: KPM and Selected Sound vinyl albums wanted

Never mind the request for the Bruton album. That has been fulfilled and has what I am looking for.

STILL NEED Selected Sound ST's 145 and 157.
The next time I start a new thread, I'm considering listing whatever Selected Sound CD album I need from their main library to identify tracks from "KaBlam!".

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April 21, 2017 11:15 pm  #24

Re: KPM and Selected Sound vinyl albums wanted

Hey, y'all! I've decided to revisit this thread for a couple reasons:

1. KPM 1355 "Classical Concepts" has been made available to listen to for free on EMI Production Music's website. However, I cannot access the tracks, "Update (a-b)", "Winter Story (a-b)", "Amourette", and "White Sails (a-c)" because a black box on the upper right hand corner says, "Error loading media: File could not be played". Does anyone have MP3 files of these tracks for me to listen to?
2. I'm also curious as to what other tracks sound like on Selected Sound's Greece album (ST 142). I have already heard the tracks, "Greek Dance", "Isle of Greece", "Sirtaki Hasapico", and "Taverne Mikis", but I would like to have a .zip file of the whole album, please.

Thanks for your help!

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May 17, 2017 10:53 am  #25

Re: KPM and Selected Sound vinyl albums wanted

Actually, about the "Greece" album, I just recently listened to the tracks, "Mykonos", "Blue Tsiftley", and "Girl From Crete" that were just made available by Youtube user Perfectpitcher88 on his account. So does anyone have that album by Selected Sound?

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