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May 25, 2017 9:06 am  #1

FirstCom composer info needed

I have some tracks from FirstCom that I need composer info for (they're listed by album).  Thanks to anyone who can help.

FirstCom FC-A1 - Sports (1990)
- Wear 'Em Down

FirstCom FC-A2 - Intense (1990)
- Hit Me
- Knockout

FirstCom MT202 - Catch The Feeling (1985)
- Minding One's Manners

FirstCom MT204 - Dawn In The City (1985)
- Engines
- Dawn In The City
- Brouillard Lifting By Eleven
- Over Easy

FirstCom MT205 - Positive Connection (1985)
- Traffic Jam

FirstCom ST302 - Late Night (1985)
- Sunset

FirstCom UT104 - Powersurge (1985)
- Powersurge

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May 25, 2017 3:14 pm  #2

Re: FirstCom composer info needed

According to database searches:
Wear 'em Down (Sharon Hart O'Connor)
Hit Me (Robert Khurana, Guy Gerard Maisonneuve)
Knockout (John C. Hunter, Jr., Jonathan A. Slott, Jason Peter Zaffary)
Minding One's Manners (Hal Jordy Brown, Donald Bradley Kelley)
Engines (Hal Jordy Brown, Donald Bradley Kelley)
Dawn in the City (Philip Gene Kelly)
Brouillard Lifting by Eleven (Lars Thomas Clutterham, Bonnie Dane Donovan)
Over Easy either (Ruben F. Ayala) or (Brian Lee Beshears, Jeffrey Miles Cliburn, Scott Edward Meath)
Traffic Jam (Philip Gene Kelly)
Sunset (Danny Curtis Pelfrey, Rick Rhodes)
Powersurge (Ken W. Nelson, Jim Long)

I am only minimally familiar with the composers on this label, so sorry if these are outlandish suggestions.


May 25, 2017 4:31 pm  #3

Re: FirstCom composer info needed

Thank you Mr.  Well done.  It's just what I needed.

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